Periop Mastery Program

Creating More Competent and Confident OR Nurses

Because sometimes experienced nurses also need help learning the latest practices, AORN designed a course for practicing perioperative nurses looking to maintain their competency and improve their confidence in their practice. 

AORN’s Periop Mastery Program is an online course designed to bring your entire staff up to date on the latest AORN’s Guidelines for Perioperative Practice. The program uses a patented learning methodology, helping the student retain knowledge and recall that knowledge especially at critical moments.

Demonstrate How Practice Improved 

  • Gain access to a variety of reporting features for students and administrators to monitor progress throughout the course. 
  • Conduct a formal assessment of learner retention with a structured post-test plan. 
  • Use reports as validation of continuing education for regulatory agencies, such as the Joint Commission.

See how Periop Mastery improves OR nurse competency and confidence. 

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