Guideline Implementation Topics

AORN's Guidelines for Perioperative Practice are divided into five main topic areas: Aseptic Practice, Equipment & Product Safety, Patient & Work Safety, Patient Care, and Sterilization & Disinfection. AORN’s Guidelines are the official evidence-based position on questions regarding perioperative practice. Expand your perioperative knowledge by exploring all five guideline topics.

Aseptic Technique

AORN's guidelines for aseptic practice focuses on five topics: Environmental Cleaning, Surgical Attire, Hand Hygiene, Preoperative Patient Skin Ant...

Equipment & Product Safety

AORN's guidelines for equipment and product safety include three topics: energy-generating devices, pneumatic tourniquet, and product selection. Ex...

Sterilization and Disinfection

AORN's guidelines for sterilization and disinfection includes five topics: Flexible Endoscopes, High-Level Disinfection, Instrument Cleaning, Pack...

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Patient & Worker Safety

AORN's guidelines for patient and worker safety includes the following topics:

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Patient Care

AORN's guidelines for patient care includes nine topics: Care of the Patient Receiving Local Anesthesia, Care of the Patient Receiving Moderate Sed...