Why Syntegrity?

Syntegrity® is an evidence-based perioperative documentation solution built by perioperative clinicians to help standardize the way procedures are scheduled, perioperative data is managed, and patients are treated. Designed to make today’s complex perioperative environment more efficient, cost-effective, and simply more manageable.

Your complex procedures deserve a simple solution.

Are you responsible for improving work flow and perioperative scheduling? How about lowering costs? Let’s not forget enhancing patient safety. You’re definitely tasked with more than most.

AORN Syntegrity will help ensure accuracy in scheduling, and standardize communication and documentation that will save you time and improve your facility’s proficiencies. Our solution can also help decrease your denial rate and increase your coding accuracy.

AORN Syntegrity - Perioperative Documentation Solution

After implementing AORN Syntegrity, we now have the ability to thoroughly analyze cases and find solutions to ensure better outcomes in the future.

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AORN Syntegrity can help make you, your team, and your entire facility more efficient and more profitable. Contact an AORN Syntegrity Sales Consultant at Syntegrity@aorn.org or 800-755-2676 x223.